About Extrememoto

Founded in October 2003, Extrememoto.com Inc. is a privately-held, emerging company focused on delivering the best prices on the Internet for all your motorcycle needs.

Extrememoto.com Inc. offers brand name products at discounted prices.  Our sales theory is simple: high volume + low profit = big savings for our customers.

We leverage industry experience and our management team’s key networking relationships with our suppliers.  More often than not, we have the latest and newest models and/or products available to consumers before the competition can get their hands on them.

Extrememoto.com Inc. is actively implementing a robust sales and social media strategy, aligning ourselves with several major international and domestic partners, manufacturers and distributors to drive our prices even lower while maintaining product quality.

Key Management:
Extrememoto.com, Inc.’s management team possesses comprehensive industry knowledge and experience regarding speed bike, ATV, dirt bike, choppers and drag bike products, parts and accessories . Additionally, key management members have strong, long-term relationships with the industry’s leading global suppliers and contract manufacturers.

Extrememoto.com Inc.
12864 Biscayne Blvd. 257
N. Miami, FL 33181
Email: support@extrememoto.com (for WordPress inquiries, email wordpress@extrememoto.com)
Phone: +1 (800) 511-4105



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