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Chris Pfeiffer Stunt Trick Video Recap

Are you planning on honing your motorcycle tricks this weekend? Here’s some inspiration for you. It’s the Wheelie, Stoppie and Surfer done right by professional freestyle rider, Chris Pfeiffer.

The Wheelie:

The Stoppie:

The Surfer:


BMW Celebrates it’s Two Millionth Motorcycle

It’s no secret we love BMW motorcycles. Their advancements in technology throughout the years have proven to be as innovative as they come. Check out this two minute recap of the history of BMW motorcycles.

Stunt Tricks: Surfer

Ah, Wednesday. We’ve finally reached the week’s hump. Only two more days till the weekend and that means only one thing to us: time to ride. What can be better than riding? Nothing, right? True, unless you want some extra credit and are looking to add some tricks to your riding routine.

With that in mind, we thought we’d refer you to professional streetbike freestyle-rider, Chris Pfeiffer, performing the “Surfer” to perfection. Though this stunt can be executed on any street bike and no modifications are necessary, we highly recommend you leave these to the professionals unless you happen to be one yourself. Remember kids, safety first. Enjoy responsibly! (WARNING: You should not try this at home. We do not condone performing stunts you are not professionally trained to execute.)

Stunt Tricks: Stoppie

In our endless effort to help you be the coolest rider on the block, we constantly comb the web for cool how-to videos on the most popular tricks around. Last week, we showed you how to pop a Wheelie and now it’s time to show you how to do it backwards with a trick called the Stoppie. We felt it was only appropriate that if we show you how to get that front tire in the air for a period of time, we should show you how to get that back one up. This trick requires a high level of precision and no one does it better than our friend Chris Pfeiffer. Check out this cool video on how to properly maintain your back wheel in the air. Remember kids, safety first, so do NOT try this at home. Enjoy responsibly!

Stunt Tricks: The Wheelie

When it comes to performing tricks on a motorcycle there are two things you must have: skill and guts. Here at Extrememoto, we highly recommend that you posses a higher level of skill than guts in order to achieve such tricks safely. Today we want to take you back to a childhood favorite, the Wheelie. This trick has been helping kids get their first playground dates for decades and we thought it would be a great idea to show you how it’s done, big boy-style. In this video, professional streetbike freestyle rider Chris Pfeiffer, takes you through the steps to achieving a proper Wheelie on a motorcycle. Though it is sure to impress all viewers, we highly recommend you do NOT try this at home. It’s much better to watch the video from the comfort of your couch than the hospital bed of the nearest emergency room. With that said, enjoy responsibly!

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