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Nicky Hayden Rides the Red Bull Indianapolis GP Circuit

Nicky Hayden is no stranger to MotoGP. Throughout his career he has earned 5 MotoGP pole positions along with achieving the fastest MotoGP lap six times. He has won three races, placed 2nd in six races and 3rd in 18 races. He gives the new track his stamp of approval.

Check out this cool video of Nicky Hayden riding his beautiful Ducati on the newly paved track:


Stunt Tricks: Surfer

Ah, Wednesday. We’ve finally reached the week’s hump. Only two more days till the weekend and that means only one thing to us: time to ride. What can be better than riding? Nothing, right? True, unless you want some extra credit and are looking to add some tricks to your riding routine.

With that in mind, we thought we’d refer you to professional streetbike freestyle-rider, Chris Pfeiffer, performing the “Surfer” to perfection. Though this stunt can be executed on any street bike and no modifications are necessary, we highly recommend you leave these to the professionals unless you happen to be one yourself. Remember kids, safety first. Enjoy responsibly! (WARNING: You should not try this at home. We do not condone performing stunts you are not professionally trained to execute.)

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